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Bat File Will Not Execute




I have the following (very simple) workflow that creates a BAT file for me, however it will not execute.  If I double click the bat file that is created, it performs as expected so I know the file is good.  However, when I run this workflow, the file (which is located in the yellow highlighted field below) is not executing.  Am I missing something simple?  Any suggestions?  Thank you.




ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

To run the bat file, you should:

  1. move the contents of the 'Command' parameter to 'Command Arguments' parameter
  2. put 'cmd.exe' in the 'Command' parameter

You might also want to precede 'C:\upload...' with '/c' so it reads '/c C:\Upload...'


Hi @tom_montpool 


Thanks for the reply.  I made the changes but the result is the same.  .bat file is created and will work if clicked on, but Alteryx won't kick it off.  I get an error code "The external program "cmd.exe" returned an error code: 1"



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Try putting the path the the bat file in the Working Directory parameter and leaving the command argument just /c fupload.bat