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Basic Table

6 - Meteoroid

In my workflow I am using the basic table tool and when I use the browse tool to look at my table everything is there and looks correct. But, when I export my workflow to excel my table is all there, but random digits and letters are missing from my text and numbers. so I was wondering how I could fix this or if there is any fix to this?


Thank you

Alteryx Certified Partner

You need to use the render tool to export the table.
Once you've made the table, connect it to the Render tool and you can kick it to a temp Excel sheet


@triciacrippen -


You should update the Render Configuration - Report Style - to Custom Size and put something much wider - 




Excel doesn't really have a width limit like a PDF, .docx, but the Reporting tools are originally designed to make reports that are print-ready, so the default setting will cause letters/numbers to get cut off for a wider data set.