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Basic Table export to Excel tab

5 - Atom

I have created three basic tables which I then encapsulate into one table at the end of my module.  How can I export the table into Excel?  When I use the Output Data tool I only get the table record # not the actual table.




17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @tbrown


The "Table" component is part of the reporting suite, and it's used to put data from a data stream into a visually presented table for purposes of reporting in an eMail or PDF file.    After a Table component - you have 1 row in the data (where that 1 row is a table object).


To achieve what you want, just remove the Table component and export directly to excel after the summarize, you'll have all the data that you see in the browse that's just after the summarize.


Hopefully this gets you where you need to be - if it does, would you mind marking this as solved, or if you still have ongoing questions feel free to post them on this thread and the community can help to get you a solution that you need.


Cheers @tbrown







5 - Atom

Thank you, this does solve my issue to output into excel.  However you state that I can output to PDF, can you explain more or would this be just copy paste into PDF?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

absolutely - the way to output to PDF is:

- Take the data you want in a data-stream

- Add on a Table component

- pump this into a Render component (under reporting too)

and after filling in the details you should be able to pump out a PDF


Reporting is quite an interesting capability to learn - the first time you encounter it, you have to take your brain out and put it in backwards (cause it doesn't work like I was expecting), but once you get it, it makes tonnes of sense.


Quick summary of my learnings from reporting:

- get your data into a table or a chart (both on the reporting tab)

- From there, you can union multiple tables together or multiple charts together using the regular old union tool

- From there, the layout tool is your friend - that allows you to put the two tables next to each other or under each other

- You can then add on a report header and footer

- and then output it using either a render or an e-mail too.


Lots of good stuff on this site about the reporting tools - try this one to get started


Have a good Wednesday



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I would like to take the output of Basic table to my R.  Within R , I am trying to create multi-tabs within excel.

Please help me how I can achieve this.

Currently it is not generating the desired data in the output file(It is creating a XML tag). Any advice would of great help.


Rakhee R C

5 - Atom

Is there a way to add conditional formatting without using the basic table function? I want to add conditional formatting and then export to excel. 


Thank you,