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Azure Data Lake Connector = Data Multiplicaiton?


I'm not sure if this is an alteryx ADL connector issue or a ADL issue. I'm noticing when I read data in using the ADL connector, manipulate the data (simple filter to remove data), use a "stop process until done" tool, then write the file back out that my data set is multiplying. Basically it is creating up to 10 copies of the original data set and sending all of them to write out to our ADL file.


The problem is that I'm also having this data write out to a Tableau hyper file and the data is also being duplicated there. 


I've done this with other workflows and haven't noticed this behavior. 


Any ideas? 



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @MKosmicki 


The first step for troubleshooting this is to work out where the duplicates are being created. You can do this by setting Connection Progress to 'Show' under Workflow Configuration > Canvas and then choosing Disable All Tools that Write Output under Workflow Configuration > Runtime.


The numbers shown on the connectors should indicate where the duplicates are being created. If you're dealing with a large set of data or complex workflow you might also want to use a Sample tool after your data input(s) and limit to just 1 record.


By passing just one record through a workflow it's often easier to figure out exactly what is going on and troubleshoot any issues.


Thanks @jamielaird. Exactly the troubleshooting I was doing.


I still couldn't figure out why my data was multiplying. It was moving through the workflow as expected...but on write out it was duplicating. 


I used the IT advice and rebooted my computer. Then everything ran perfectly.


I was using a "wait until finished" tool, so I'm wondering if the combination of that tool and writing out (with a rather large file) was taxing the memory on my computer and causing undesirable results. 



Alteryx Certified Partner
Great – glad you got it fixed.

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