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Azure Blob Storage Download & Upload Tool

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All,


I want to share a macro/tool that can download and upload your file from & to Azure Blob Storage.

In this post, you can download the tool below and you will get Azure_Blob_Storage_Download&Upload.yxzp consists of Download & Upload Tool.


This macro is developed by python Code using azure blob API.


Before you use the macro, you need to configure your storage connection string by this following steps:


1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

2. Go to your storage account.

3. Click the Settings section, select Access keys.

4. Your Connection string value is under key1.

Connection String.png






5. Open your cmd and enter the following command :

setx AZURE_STORAGE_CONNECTION_STRING "<yourconnectionstring>"


Click here for more detail :



1. AZB Download


In AZB Download macro, you can specify the container name & server folder path (optional).

You can also download your file in a subdirectory. You can download your file and read directly to Alteryx, or download your file into a local path. When you choose to read the file directly into Alteryx, you only read the csv/xlsx/txt file(s).


AZB Download.JPG


2. AZB Upload


In AZB Upload Tool, you also need to specify the container name & server folder path (optional). You can upload your file from the Alteryx workflow, from a file, or upload it from a local folder. When you uploading your file from Alteryx workflow, you can specify file type (csv, xlsx, or txt) and also specify your sheet name for excel type.



















5 - Atom

I was able to solve the ModuleNotFound issue from this thread:

Solved: Install issue, ModuleNotFoundError - Alteryx Community


Exact steps I followed:

Opened Alteryx w/admin permission

Created a new Python tool, added the below code, then executed 'Run'

from ayx import Package, Alteryx


I believe just executing the above steps will enable to you to use the macro without any changes to the Python code, but I'll find out for sure when I get to the point of sharing it with my coworkers.