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Averages of dates


I am trying to get the average of dates like excel. However on Alteryx its limited to Max Min and Mode of dates, The data input from excel is in short date format. I changed the data types within Alteryx to String, Date Forced, Date Time but looks like Averages can be calculated only if its a numeric value.

I tried to convert date to number using TONUMBER() but its returns only the first 4 digits which is the year associated with that date.


Is there a way to calculate average of dates within Alteryx?


What if you were to add a formula for the number of days between your date and some static date (like 1/1/1900, which is what Excel uses as "date ground zero")... and then you could find the average of the number of days field, and then add that average to the same static start date to come up with your average date? Would primarily be using the DateTimeDiff and DateTimeAdd formulas.




Attached is an example workflow of what @NicoleJohnson described:


avg date.png