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Average number of "something" until "something else"

8 - Asteroid



Can anyone help me or provide direction creating two calculations (average number of calls until an appointment) and (running average calls until an appointment)? Attaching an Excel snippet of the data and desired results.




Alteryx Partner

In order to calculate these statistics correctly I have assumed that your data will have to identify for each call:


Caller ID 

Appointment Date

Date of call


To get a true average you will also have to account for 


Appointments where no calls are made

Calls that result in a cancellation and a new appointment date

Calls that result in a cancellation and no appointment

Callers that have multiple future appointments scheduled


Using your data with some modifications I have created a simple model that will give you a starting point for building your production model.










13 - Pulsar

Give the attached a shot, see if it gets you what you need:


8 - Asteroid

@danrh that's exactly what I was looking for. thanks!