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Automatically read the files from the folder and transpose the data into desired output


Hi Frnds , 

I am attaching input and output file.

I have multiple input file (50 plus may be ).Please help me with the workflow to automatically read the files from my folder and process it into the desired output .

I could get the out put by using 50 input tools and then transpose it .i want to get rid of the 50 input tools and design a workflow which could automatically read any number of files from the folder .Alteryx.PNGworkflow i am using,don't want multiple input tool

Much help will be appreciated


Best Regards


A macro like this will do it. You have to change the path in the Directory tool.


combine and transpose sheets workflow.pngcombine and transpose sheets macro.png




Hi ,

this give me the error that the workflow is created in new version of Alteryx, and cannot be open in my Alteryx. is there any way to open it please.

I am new to Alteryx .

I fear if i update then my already built workflow may get spoiled.

Please let me know


It is possible to manually edit the Alteryx files and change the version number in order to open them in your version of Alteryx. In order to do that, you'll also have to manually unpack the files from the yxzp file I attached to my post. It's basically a zip file, so just change the extension from yxzp to zip and unzip the file.


Inside you'll see the workflow file and the macro file. You'll need to open each of them in a text editor. You'll see the 2nd line contains the version number. Change this from 2018.4 to whatever your version is.


When you open the workflow in Alteryx it will probably not find the macro, so save the macro file in your macro path, for instance C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Macros\, then delete the macro from the workflow and add it back in from the Macro tab in the tool palette. You'll have to set the Control parameter of the macro to Fullpath.



Hi David ,
I did the same and my macro is running but it is only giving me first file as output not all the file data :(
Means it is only reading first file and transposing it and giving me the output but not reading other files .
Please let me know what I am missing


Can you try and package up your version of the workflow and macro and also send me a few sample files, then I can have a look. When I ran it my end, it loaded all the files that I mocked up.


Go to Options -> Export Workflow, then make sure the workflow and macro and input files are selected. You'll have to attach extra input files separately.