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Automatically combine files from the folder


Hi Frnds,

I am attaching 3 sample files which have different schema, i would like to combine them into one excel file as output. Please help me with the workflow which could automatically read all the files from the folder and combine them.currently i have only 3 excels in the folder , it may increase in future from 3 to 5 .

Much help will be appreciated.


Thank you


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So are you meaning that the 'qqqq' data at the top should be ignored and the "real" data starts at the A-M marked columns ?


Are the fields named properly, or does A in in1 store the same data as G in in2 and M in in3 ?



Thanks for the reply ... I have 3 input files ,

In input file in1 and in2.. my header is at row 10 and

in input file in3 , header is at row 8.

i want to read all three files from the folder . so in my output i need to have all the three files header, we can ignore the qqqq data.


i want to read all the files from the folder 

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Hi there


Do you envisage many more files being generated or will it remain a handful. If you think it will only be a handful I would just create an Input tool for each file and use the "Start Data Import on Line" property to appropriate number for each file. 


If you want to make it fully generic where new files can be added to a folder and the data section can start at any line you will need to think about a macro that scans the files to find the appropriate number of rows to skip and then import the data.


Hope this helps






Skip Rows.PNG