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Automated License Reminders

In our organization, the business users aren't permitted to log on to the server.  As a result of that, any time CASS needs to be installed, spatial data gets an update, etc we have to submit a request form that goes through several levels of approval before it lands on the desk of a server admin in IT.  Then, we have to schedule a date/time where the admin in IT can log on and we will be available to immediately test.

The rapid cycle of CASS updates is what really gets this jammed up.  We submit a request as soon as we have the new file, but sometimes the approval process takes until after it already has expired.


I believe the best way (for our situation) to deal with this would involve a change to the third party data update process (such as only require it to be dropped in a file share and the server automatically check for it).


But since that would likely take a lot of development, is there any way I could extract the license expiration dates from a file and have a scheduled workflow to send an emailed reminder to our IT team that the data expires in X number of days (just to provide them with a constant reminder)?

I'm familiar with how to set up the workflow, the source of the license file/date is what I'm struggling with.




I suspect this is the location where licenses are stored for server as well, but I'm not 100% so if you run into issues I can try and research further.



According to the documetation in Alteryx Help : manager , The license files are stored here: C:\ProgramData\SRC\LicenseManager

They appear to be plain text and relatively easy to read/understand.

Hi @Claje

That's the whole problem - I don't have access to the C drive on the server.


I suppose it would depend on your Gallery permissions/settings, but couldn't you build/test something that populates license information locally, and then save it to the gallery?

IE something along the lines of an input data tool that reads in files as such: C:\ProgramData\SRC\LicenseManager\*.yxlc

Then you could output the results and get some more information.

The service account we're running the Gallery under can't access that directory.

Otherwise, you'd be absolutely right.


@patrick_mcauliffe Are you able to use the Crew Macros? You can have a runner macro setup that runs WorkflowA. WorkflowA would contain 1 address and a CASS Tool. The runner macro would then have a line like this coming out of the S side: 


ToolId 2: US Database=2017-07-15 Expires=10-31-2017 DPV=Yes LACSLink=Yes

Whenever the CASS tool runs successfully, It will report out its expiration date in the messages pane. The runner macro is only way I know of how to capture those log details. 



That log info will also be available in the logging directory configured in System Settings and in the MongoDB.