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Automate input of excel files from a new folder for each monthly workflow

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I complete a monthly process on Alteryx using data from 7 Excel files. Each month I collect the 7 new files (same name each month) and save them into a new sub folder named [YYYY MM].  


I then update the file paths in the 7 Alteryx Input tools before running the workflow.


The files are named the same way each month, the only thing that changes is the month of folder they are saved into [YYYY MM].


Is there a way to automate adding the same 7 file names from the new folder set up each month?


Many thanks.

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Try this, a simple macro to load all xlsx files of a specified folder 🙂

Let me know if this is not what you ment 

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Thanks! I can see it reads in each xlsx file from the folder. How do I then split out the individual file & line them up within the workflow?

(Sorry I'm a novice!)

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Maybe like this?

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Hi @Cash ,


I am assuming you have seven different inputs for 7 excel files.

That is why I have used 7 different Dynamic Input tools in my solution.



The folder path in the Directory tool will change according to your system.

The RegEx pattern will also change based on your folder path.

We can connect over the same.


As of now, I have multiple YYYY MM folders in my directory and my workflow is able to read files from folder 2021 04.

I am attaching the workflow package for your reference.


Let me know in case of any doubts.



Shreyansh Rathod