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Automate Tableau dashboard testing using BI Validator

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Hi...I am trying Automate Tableau dashboard testing using BI Validator trial version.

Current challenge is I am unable to establish a BI Connection to my tableau server. SSO is enabled and the selenium script prepared is able to login but no reports are fetched into the tool.

Since I just want to do a trial run on the tool, is there any other feasible way i.e. import tableau workbooks locally instead of a BI Connection to the server, or else any other readily available Tableau public server which can be used.

Tableau public is also tried but unable to login.

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BI Validator is tightly integrated with the BI tools making it easy to automate BI testing. It uses the BI tool metadata to completely eliminate the need for custom programming. Regression Testing: Baseline and compare reports to identify data and UI differences.

It's the easiest automation tool I've used though it is only for Tableau.