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Automate Excel output to a specific network location with dynamic date extension


I want to run a query from the DB and the output file would be in .xlsx format. The output .xlsx report should be converted to Filename.yyyymmdd to a network location. The .yyyymmdd should be dynamic based on Today's run date.

I can generate the .xlsx report. However I am new to Alteryx macro development. 

How could I automate this whole task of running the .xlsx report and the output is stored in the network location with today's date?


Any thought is deeply appreciated.



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @kmoon 


You can generate the filename using a Formula tool that makes use of the DateTimeToday function.


Something like this would work:




Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 19.54.36.png 


Then make sure you specify the field containing your dynamically generated filename in the Output tool.


Thank you @jamielaird


Could you provide a sample workflow with regards to what you explain? 


The day I run the file, the filename should have the date mentioned and automatically stored in a designated location.

Do I need to apply macro in it so that the workflow would have a scheduled run time?

Would appreciate your feedback.