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Auto creation of output excel file containing specific number of rows.


Input tool of workflow is connected to SQL Server Database  where a query is executed to produce data every month end  . Amount of data increases every month. Normal data will contain 2 million rows which will increase every month , like next month it will become 2.5 million and so on.


We need to output that data in excel  but excel has a constrain that can accommodate 9,99,999 rows only .


 Thus , we want to make it automated so that first 9,99,999 rows  saves in first excel and then next 9,99,999 rows in second excel and so on .......


and output excel file name update accordingly like  Data-Part1.xlsx , Data-Part2.xlsx and so on

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Sure this is possible and I've written a blog on the subject here...

Not a the macro may not work as I don't think many people tested it!

However the blog should contain enough detail for you to build your own solution. You can break apart the macro too to understand what I was trying to achieve.



I've attached a quick "dummy workflow" which should show how to accomplish this.  I used a Generate Rows tool to create a few million records for the proof of concept.


This does not use any macros, and should be easy enough to configure.

I hope this helps!