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Auto Save As CSV


I just upgraded to the latest version 2018.4.5.55178. I had the 2018.3 version and once I changed the file type to CSV it always saved as a CVS. It doesn't appear that this is the same behavior in the 2018.4 version. Is there a way I can make it always save as a CSV?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I think we may need some supporting images to know exactly what you mean.


For example, from the browse tool, see images below. In the previous version, I changed it once to save as a CSV and clicked save and then every time after that if I saved something from the browse tool, I did not have to change it to CSV it defaulted to that. This new version is not doing this and since I am so used to not having to change it every time I keep have to re-save stuff.


AlteryxSaveIssue-Save As Screen.jpgEverytime I save from a Browse tool it defaults to "All Data Files"AlteryxSaveIssue-CSV.jpgI want it to always default to "CSV"