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Auto Convert [Most] Any Date Macro


So I read and read and still couldn't find anything that would use most all of the supported date formats and auto detect which to use and then convert that to a date. I found one article that did it for 4 date formats, but I wanted it to be able to handle 50+... I think there were some python libraries that would do it, but I needed it to be native Alteryx. So... I took a stab at it. It might not be the most elegant, but the attached macro will automatically detect most any date format and convert it to a standard YYYY-MM-DD date. Now, of course, it has to choose dd vs mm first... so I defaulted to mm/dd/yyyy over dd/mm/yyyy as long as it was an eligible date (US preference). I guess that could have been a parameter into the macro. Feel free to improve and post back here!






Date conversion examples.png

Really nice idea.


I did similar as part of my Custom Tool AddIn (uses the .Net parser to convert from a string).


It doesn't cope with all the format you have though, but does allow a culture input so can choose between DD/MM and MM/DD effectively.


If you want to try it the current release can be downloaded from

(in v10.5 it will appear in Laboratory category - working on a fix!)




Cool! I had a smaller tool to handle common problems, but I like your more comprehensive version much better!

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Would it be possible to a 10.1 version?




Got something coming soon to the gallery that I think you'll like. It handles dates automatically.  





JP Kabler
Software Engineer, Emerging Capabilities

Here is an updated version with a few tweaks. This is version 10.5, but I don't have a way to get it to 10.1. Sounds like Alteryx has something in the works that converts dates automatically coming to the online gallery. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Any news on the tool in the gallery to handle dates automatically?