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Audit Trail Help.... Look for certain events in timeline




I have an audit trail that resembles the following data :


276412/04/2019 14:13:18OpenAppHome
276412/04/2019 14:13:25NavigateViewSales
276412/04/2019 14:13:30NavigateViewData
276412/04/2019 14:13:39NavigateViewLeads
276412/04/2019 14:13:40Search : UKListBoxUK_Search
276412/04/2019 14:21:46NavigateViewLeads
276412/04/2019 14:22:26TableDownloadCustomer_Table
276412/04/2019 14:25:26NavigateViewItems
276412/04/2019 14:25:39TableDownloadCustomer_Table
276412/04/2019 14:26:05Back  
276412/04/2019 14:26:06NavigateViewData
276412/04/2019 14:26:08BackView 
276412/04/2019 14:26:09NavigateSheetItems
276412/04/2019 14:38:19ExitAppItems


What i have been asked to do is check run through the table to see if the following pattern occurs:


Navigate to Leads view and check if the next chronological view is the Items view. If so, check if the Customer_Table is downloaded before the next Navigation event occurs.  I need to be able to count the number of instances where this happens.  


The identifier is the ID (which relates to each user session).


So, in the above dataset - I would have a count of 1 because at 14:21 the user Navigated to Leads page.  The next chronological page was the Items page and subsequently the Customer_Table was downloaded before the user navigated away to the Data page.


This is  properly giving me a headache so any help is greatly appreciated 


Yours Hopefully,




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



I used a Multi-Row formula to calculate the audit rule.  I grouped by the ID and used this expression:

	[Details] = "Navigate" AND [Interaction] = "Leads" AND
	[Row+1:Details] = "Table" AND [Row+1:Object/Action] = "Download"
THEN "True"
ELSE "False"

It seems to solve the challenge for me.






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