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Attaching additional files to a workflow package (yxzp file)?

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I am trying to import a yxzp file into a new Alteryx workflow and have read online that I have to go to File-->Import Package. However, I am not seeing this option under "File." Do I need to configure something so that my Alteryx can open these types of files?


Thank you.

You should be able to go to file >> open workflow >> browse >> and then click on a yxzp file. Alternatively, you should just be able to double click a yxzp and Alteryx should start up. If that doesn't work, try right clicking a yxzp and going to open with >> Alteryx

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Thanks, Patrick. It looks like there is something wrong with the file itself. When I right click to open with Alteryx, I get the attached error message. I originally downloaded the file from an email. Any suggestions?


Thank you!

If you have pkzip or 7zip installed, I would right click on the file and see if you open it just like a zip file with that software. If you can open it, then you can just extract all the files to a folder. If you don't have that software, then I would change the filetype from yxzp to zip and then extract it as a zip. For example, change Alteryxfile.yxzp to and then extract all the files to a folder using the windows standard zip software.


Since alteryx doesn't like the file, the above methods are longshots for trying to see if there is any data you can extract.

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I was able to get it by saving as a different type of file. Thanks so much for your help!