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Attach a dynamic named excel file in Email tool

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

@drahn may it be because you have specified the sheetname? When attaching a file you don't want to specify the sheetname you would want to send the entire file.



7 - Meteor

Yes - that was definitely it - so obvious! Thanks for pointing that out.

8 - Asteroid

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get rid of the Filename column when sending this.


I can check the box in the output tool to make it not show up on that output, but then when it gets to the email part if Filename is not saved in the output, it has nothing to send.


i could figure this out without inserting today's date, but I need that in the file name.


Does anyone know how to do this?

5 - Atom

Are you using the Block Until Done tool like in the screen shot?


If you are, then you can un-check the "Keep Field in Output" box and the file-name field will still be present in the data stream that is feeding the email tool.

If you do it this way, the email tool does not know that you removed the file-name field from the output.



7 - Meteor

How can such report be scheduled in Alteryx gallery so it can run at preset intervals? I am able to recreate the workflow to email a saved file and email that on a local machine but don't see a way to store and select the csv from alteryx gallery since the workflow need to be scheduled.

10 - Fireball

For Emails save your files you want to Attach in the Temporary Folder


The Temporary Directory is %Engine.TempFilePath% when used in a Tool’s Configuration for a File but when it’s in a Formula it’s [Egine.TempFilePath]


In the "Emai"l Tool, Click on Attachments, and then the “Add” button.

Temp Directory in a Tools Confiruation FiileName Field.png


With the Formula Tool, create a filename with [Egine.TempFilePath] in front of it.


Temp Directory in a Formula.png






5 - Atom

I am attempting to email an attachment and I am getting the email sent 80 times. How do I prevent the process from sending an email for each record in the attachment?

10 - Fireball

Add the "Sample" tool in front of the "Email" tool, as logically you need the connection but not all the rows.



5 - Atom

That works thank you.

8 - Asteroid

Did you figure this out?