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Assign User IDs

7 - Meteor

So, I have an excel file with incidents on each line. I need to assign a user name to each incident evenly, and if possible I would like to have incidents for the same facility assigned to the same user ID. I am not sure how to go about this though. Any ideas? 

13 - Pulsar

I'd use a Summarize to get a unique list of facilities, then a RecordID to assign unique IDs to each, and join it back to the original data to get it on every record.  Something like this:


Give it shot, add some sample data if it's still not working for you.  Hope it helps!

7 - Meteor

I'm not sure that will work. I have a set list of User ID's that I need to split up among the records. So say I have 150 lines and 15 User IDs. I would like to figure out a way to assign 10 to each.

12 - Quasar

It is hard to reconcile your desire to split incidents equally among users while also keeping incidents at a particular facility assigned to a common user.


It is always helpful on the Community to have a sample of the data you are working with and an example of the outcome.


In any case, I feel like either the Running Total tool or the Tile tool might get you closer to what you are looking for.


Alternatively, you could use a Multi-Row Formula to add a count that increments by one for every new facility...

10 - Fireball

At the simplest level, have a data set that has a user id's per facility and join to that to default to that user for each incident at the facility.

If you then need to rebalance, then summarise to count incidents by user id then match off over and under subscribed users to reallocate incidents.