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Arrange records for equal sum

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The total sum of the items in Group 1 is ok, 96 divided into 4 orders, each one should contain 24 units equally.

Is there any alteryx tool that sorts the data dynamically for better data arrange, resulting in a same value for the sum?















Thanks in advance.




It looks like you are already using the Tile tool for this potentially?

If yes, take a look at the "Equal Sum" Tile method, as I believe it should get you what you need.

Alteryx Partner

Yes, I'm already using tile tool.

"Equal Sum" Tile method doesn't allow set the sum value. 

And I need all Tiles have the total sum a pre-define value.  


At our user group meeting last night a presentation on techniques for handling data was shared where walking through the files you could clean the data into a taller data set normalizing it and from there you could then more easily manipulate and use the data. Might be something that helps you out here? 

Our data does not always start in clean and predictable databases. Data manually typed into Excel, or data files scraped from the web almost always need cleanup or validation before the real work can begin. In this tips and tricks session, we will cover techniques to add resiliency and messaging ...
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Thanks for your tip, but the presentation if just for non-structural data and how to normalizing that. 

I just wanna sort dynamically for grouping tiles with a pre-defined value.