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Arithmetic overflow error converting varchar to data type numeric - pushing data to SQL


I cannot figure this one out!  I have a large number of transactions Im trying to load into a MS SQL DB, I have only 3 numeric fields and 2 of them generate the same error (If I deselect Price and Quantity the error disappears, adding one of them back in makes it happen again).  I have tried everything I can think of, I have a select before the output data that defines these fields as FixedDecimal 30.10, I also have a formula tool checking to see if the field is numeric and I have also tried putting in a data cleansing tool and setting Null to 0 as well as removing letters and still it fails. 

Due to the massive amount of data I cant find the individual row thats causing the problem - that was why I thought using the formula tool to detect if it was not a number might throw something up but does not and anyway, my select has it as a fixed decimal so Alteryx should surely throw an error trying to convert a string to number before it gets anywhere near SQL!


Error: Output Data (81): DataWrap2OleDb::SendBatch: Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0: The statement has been terminated.\01000 = 3621; Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0: Arithmetic overflow error converting varchar to data type numeric.\22003 = 8115


I think I have fixed it - seems to be a misleading error, the issue is that the number is too big, rather than its a string!  I have changed the column in the DB to be larger and its now not erroring.