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Applying multiple filters to various columns within the same data set


@Solonglolli you would want to have formula tools one after another in your setup so that each subsequent filter is further filtering down your data set. The reason that this could work better for you is so that you can view the records being filtered out with each filter criteria to see if anything is dropping that shouldn't be. 


For your other question, when a formula uses equals, it is case sensitive so you have it written as you would expect. However, it is possible that in your data you have lowercase values which is what I suggested that you look into to make sure that when you are looking for GBFGWWSS01 you don't miss something like gbfgWWSS01. I am not sure if these values exist in your data, but it is worth checking. If you aren't seeing the sums that you would expect it is likely that you are accidentally filtering out more than you meant to.