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Applying multi row formula to multiple columns

12 - Quasar

@k_speik this might help in the future. Can be used for any object type, workflow, macro, etc


Adjusting Alteryx Files for Different Versions


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@patrick_digan  Thanks very much!

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Hi Josh,


I am trying to follow your example for a similar objective. However, I want to round all of my values in each column to a whole number (i.e. with out any decimals). I have been doing this by using the Formula Tool and using the following formula for each column: 


"Round([ColumnName], 1)"


I would like to do this in a faster and much more efficient way as I now have over 100 columns and do not want to set up the Formula for each one of them.


Can I do this without having to type out the formula for each column using your example below?


Thank you,


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11 - Bolide

@jeanvaladez, you can absolutely do that with a multi-field formula.


Here's the tool mastery post for that tool

6 - Meteoroid

This worked! Thank you so much!