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Applying Row Rules in the Basic Table Tool to Null Values


Does anyone know how I can apply a Row Rule in the Basic Table Tool to set the formatting for Null() values? I'm trying to automate an existing manual report format exactly with Alteryx. The field I'm working with is numeric (Int32) but contains some unknown values. I cannot set the null values to zero because they are not zero. They are unknown and need to be marked as null in the output per the required specifications. I know ISNULL() is not the right syntax but what will work?


Desired Formatting:

  1.  Any row with a value >= 3 changes the row to red text. (This is working)
  2.  Any row with a null value changes the row to orange text (This is not working)







Sample workflow attached.




Disregard. The answer hit me right after I hit post. I'm leaving this up in case this helps someone else.


I changed the Default Table Settings to set all the text to orange. Then I wrote rules for the numeric values to set 0-2 at Black and over 3 to Red.


See attached solution.