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Apply same Regex on multiple columns


Hi there,


I have been using the Regex Tool (under Parse) to clean up multiple columns that needs cleaning.

I am wondering is there a way to apply the Regex on several columns all at once?


For examples, most of the columns should only be an integer value (for scores) however they are coming up as either Dates (e.g. 2017-02-02 when it should be just 2) or even some texts like "10-TEXT=10" which I use regex to turn it into just 10.


As you can imagine, to apply the above regex expressions over 20-30 fields are very time consuming/messy.

Surely there is a better way to do this in Alteryx?




Alteryx Certified Partner



theres 3 regex functions that can be used in a expression builder (Formula). REGEX_MATCH(), REGEX_REPLACE() and REGEX_COUNT(). Use which ever is appropriate in a multi-field formula tool and apply your regex pattern to all the fields you check.


Hope this helps!



Alteryx Partner

This does not work for PARSE.  I have to parse 12 different fields - apparently the only solution is to the use the "REGEX" tool under the "Parse" menu 12 times.