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Appending & Updating a .TDE that uses an App

Alteryx Partner

Hello Alteryx-er's,


I have a question for you all. I am working with a team on an Application. Our intention is to publish it onto the Alteryx Server and have a group of nurses use it as a "Viewer" within a collection on the Gallery.


Ideally, the nurses will open the App, enter in an ID and a text box field, and that will update an existing table within our workflow that outputs to a .TDE. I have the App working correctly and joining by ID to the underlying data, however, I am unable to append that and update the .TDE correctly.


When I refresh the Extract within Tableau, the field populates with the text field, but also adds in a "Null" value because of the appending option I chose on the Output Data tool within the workflow.


Perfect world, the app will run and the text field that they enter will update for each matching record, and all of the prior null values from previous runs will vanish.


Does anyone have experience with updating and appending .TDE's using Analytical Apps?


Let me know if that was comprehendible.