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Appending Outputs

Alteryx Partner

Hi guys,


I'm attempting to append new data onto an existing .hyper file.


While this works for small amounts of data, once I run the entire data set (100mil rows+), the output data tool errors out with the prompt "The file path "C:\......." is invalid. 


Is there a limit as to how big a file Alteryx can append to? 



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @ColinZhang 


I don't think there's a limit.

Could you take some screenshots of your workflow and referenced error?

Do you have a long directory name?



Alteryx Partner

Hi Thableaus, 


The workflow runs fine without any changes for a smaller data set. With the full dataset however, it gives me the error of file path being ínvalid. "The file path "C\....." is invalid". 


I think it may have to do with the following limit on Alteryx from knowledge articles: 


*While there is no limit to the number of records or file size, there is a record size limit of 2GB in a 64-bit environment. 32 bit Alteryx has a record size limit of 256MB.


i.e. if the file is smaller than 2GB, it appends fine, however, if it is greater than 2GB, Alteryx won't be able to write to the file