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Append Output to Specific Rows of an Existing File

8 - Asteroid

hi, I have 2 issues actually --


1. I need to append an output to a specific row of an existing file so that my Alteryx output will be pasted from A8 onwards. It works when I create a new sheet but not when I append - output data error is unable to append to an entirely empty sheet or range (my file is not empty).


2. I need to add a blank row in between unique accounts


please help. I've been stuck in these issues for days now. 😄


thank you!! 

12 - Quasar

Hey @crazybeauti_ful ,


Cool alias. 🙂😉


It would be great to have a dummy example of data with this. But in simple terms, I would import your existing file and help Alteryx identify where you want the data appended to. If it's the 8th column, you should be able to join the data together if there are 6 columns in your incoming data set and you simply add a blank column ahead of your new data set.


If the data does not join on a unique identifier, there is an option in the join tool to say "Join by record position", which will simply paste the data alongside what is incoming. 


Hope that is helpful - please give more context if I've misunderstood.





Join by record position.png

8 - Asteroid

Hi Tom,


I was able to append my data by putting specific cell nos. in the filename configuration (i.e. filename.xlsx|||'page 1$A9:K9') but thanks so much for your input! Appreciate it.






6 - Meteoroid

Hi @crazybeauti_ful


can you please also help me how did you do that ? i am also looking the same. It would be a great if you show your workflow with example that append data in a existing file from the specific rows. Thanks!