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Append Fields There were more than 16 records in the source.

Alteryx Partner



I have bulild an macro. The source is a CSV file from a  Data Input Tool or Macro Input Tool.

Upon other I connect a Append Tool in the macro.

When I increase the number of row over 16 I get the error message from the Append-Tool Box:

Append Fields     There were more than 16 records in the source.


Bug or feature?Error_AppenTool.PNG


I do not understand why?


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
This is a feature. There is an option to turn it off in the tool (drop at
the bottom).

The reason it's there is to stop you appending say 100 rows to 100 rows and
creating 10,000 records in advertently. Its easy for you to create massive
record sets accidentally.

Alteryx Partner

Hey Chris,


thank you for your support.

I have found the adjustment for the Append Fiels Tool.


And my marco work incapacity.



Alteryx Certified Partner

Kind of hidden option, but once found, problem solved. Thanks!


you are my life saver!