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App - Output file error when output file is named dynamically


Hi again,

I saved the app on Alteryx Gallery and there is an error with output file. I investigated that all's fine when I switch off dynamically renaming output file. However, it's necessary to keep it, due to required functionality. Is there any way to achieve it? Help much appreciated!





I think this is an issue with the Alteryx Gallery you are saving to, or with the "Run Mode" of this app.

On the Gallery, if you click on "Workflow Settings", can you change the mode from "Safe" to "Semi-Safe" or "Unrestricted" and see what happens?

You may need to ask your Gallery administrator for help with this.


What assets (if any) are you sending to the Gallery along with the app?


"RR2" is input file, "Tenants Names" is input to drop down list. "Output.xlsx" is assigned to output, but I'm not sure if app use it at all, because of dynamically naming output file.


I can't see mentioned options, only these:

workflow settings.PNG


I'm assuming the output you want to display to the end-user so they can download it.  Correct?  If so, you'll want to send it to the Gallery with the app as an asset.  When you go to save it to the gallery, in the window that pops up, you'll see the option "Workflow Options".  Click that and go to Manage Assets.  Make sure the XLSX is selected.  


As long as you have full UNC paths in the inputs for the RR2 & Tenant Names, AND your machine which the Gallery is on has access to those full UNC paths, then you do not have to send them to the Gallery.  That way if they ever change the app you won't have to worry about re-sending your app to the Gallery.  However, if they are static, and do not change, or your Gallery machine doesn't have access to them, then you can select those as assets too.  But, if they ever do change, you'll have to re-send your app to the Gallery.


Indeed, it is selected. Nevertheless, it doesn't help.


Hey, I've found the solution! The error appeard because column "FileName" which contains path to the file was "C:/User/Documents/Alteryx"+[Tenant]+".xlsx|||Sheet1". It works on my computer, but the path for the file on the gallery should by just: [Tenant]+".xlsx|||Sheet1", without path to the folder!