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App: Optional File Input



I have successfully created an app. 

This pic represents two questions I can import data two sheets from a spreadsheet. Going to expand app have have same questions, but for different stages in program management cycle.


Question: Is there a way to have app run if not all files are attached for input?


Elaboration: For instance, milestone A has been met and data is available. However, milestone b has not occurred and data is not available. For other programs, data may be available for both milestones. 

or do I have to create multiple apps, based on the number of milestones. 



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @kgordish ,


You don't need to do 3 workflows for that, you can use the radio button for that.




Input the buttons and select the collapse group when deselected.



Set the inputs inside the radio button windows.




Now you can choose between which kind of inputs you want to make your workflow flow.


NOTE: TO be able to use this you have also to insert at least one part of the workflow (or replicate it 3 times) within a cointainer to disable the part of the workflow regarding the unused input.


If you share your app I may be able to modify it.




Thank you kindly!

Wish I could send you a gift or bourbon.  

Workflow contains 4 main pathways, each labeled to the left.

Milestone 1 at Top, progressing downward with 3 optional milestone pathways. 

I can handle rerouting all the outputs to render in the "Visual Layout". 

Thank you for solving optional input issue. 


One more item. For each milestone, it is necessary to input two files.

Thus, total uploaded files range from 2 for one milestone, up to 8 for all four.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @kgordish ,


I think this should do it. I applied the rules as I considered but you will get the main Idea once you see it.


Marking posts as solved is good enough. :)




I will have to open on my home desktop. Have the most recent version.
My work has not pushed out the latest Alteryx update and file cant open correctly.

Will check out later today.



@afv2688 I was able to update my version to Alteryx version to 2018.3.7 and could open.


Understand the logic of enabling or disabling containers. Getting some error warnings.

Do I have to add the entire pathway to the container to disable file imports when not selected. 

Thank you in advance.




Thanks. Finally figured out optional inputs and containers. 


The key items learned:

1. Interface Tool. Place Checkbox and File Browser within a Group Box. (Use arrow up/down).

2. Interface Tools can not be placed in containers

3. The Aha moment. The checkbox enable/disable pathway is connected to the container. (This is what I was having trouble with!)

Posting a simplified solution of this workflow.