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Anyone ever use the Download Tool to Connect to Mavenlink?

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I am reconciling employee time sheets from Mavenlink and Netsuite.  Anyone have any idea how to use the download tool to connect to/query a report of all time entered during a specific period from Mavenlink?  Currently, I am using flat files and think it would be cool to connect directly.


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I've never heard of Mavenlink, but the API documentation looks pretty good


If you need help, let me know 🙂 


@chilby the API documentation that @cmcclellan is a great place to start as it will show you everything from authentication to the endpoints that are required to access your data. In addition, I have put together an article that covers the basics of API calls as well as the different authentication types that may be used: 


Mavenlink uses Oauth so you will want to go through the process of registering an application as documented here: 


Then you need your workflow to call the authentication endpoint to return your Authorization token. You can think of this as like your security badge to access the rest of the data. 


Then you need to use a second download tool to access the URL of your final data endpoint and pass the Authorization token as a header in the second download tool. If you take a look at my link above you will see an example of what an API call that uses Oauth looks like. I hope this helps! I would build it out but I don't have Mavenlink credentials that I can use.