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Any way to Render multiple Excel tabs with different widths using Render tool

8 - Asteroid

Hi all, 

I have a workflow with 6 different streams that have Table tools attached to them that are then joined together with a Join Multiple tool.  There is then a Vertical layout tool and a Render tool to render all 6 streams into one excel file with 6 different tabs. Some tabs have a lot of columns so I have to set my custom paper size to 20 x 20.  However, some tabs have only 3 columns.  Therefore the ones w/3 columns looks terrible w/the 20 x 20 paper size.  Is there a way to have different widths/paper size for each tab?  I would like to keep the pretty formatting that comes from the Render tool for each tab as well.  Thanks.  

17 - Castor

Render is basically formatting for printing - so no. The best way to do this is to output data after rendering...

8 - Asteroid

I did find one option and that is to use some empty space blocks per this post:

I'm trying to see if that would work for me.