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Any side effect if I save a file originally in .yxmd to .yxwz file type ?



I have opened an existing .yxmd file and adding some more tools (Scatterplot, Summary) and comments in it. When I clicked to save the file, a popup appeared and the file type was set automatically to .yxwz.



1. What is the difference between .yxmd (Workflow) and .yxwz (Analytic Apps) files ?

2. Is there any side-effect if I save the file (whom filetype automatically set to .yxwz) to .yxmd ?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Min 


When you insert Interface tools in your workflow, it automatically changes to an Analytic App.

You can check which type of your workflow is currently selected in the "Workflow" tab.



There's a whole chapter of Interactive Lessons focused on explaining how Analytic Apps work.


An Analytic App basically is a workflow that depends on user inputs and interactions. So it's dynamic.

You can still run an Analytic App as a workflow, just hitting "Run".

If you want it to work as an App (user interactive), hit the magic stick.