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And If Statement

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I am trying to write a formula that says: if column C does not equal "NOT MAPPED" and column F does not equal "00584" and column F does not equal "00360" then return the value "y" else return "n". 

The formula that I am using now looks like this: if [Product Grouping] != "NOT MAPPED" and [bu] != "00584" and [bu] != "00360" then "y" else "n" endif 

However, this is not returning the correct amount of "y" and "n" records. 

Is there something wrong with my syntax or another way to create this formula?

Thank you!!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @grsomer  try this for the formula IF [Product Grouping] != "NOT MAPPED" and [bu] NOT In ('00584','00360') and THEN 'y' ELSE 'n' ENDIF . If this does not work could your provide some sample data in order to test any possible solutions?