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Anaplan API Connector

8 - Asteroid

I'm currently trying to connect Alteryx to Anaplan and wonder if someone has already some experience or a sample worklflow which uses a RESTAPI connector? 


The documentation I'm using to connect is: https://anaplan.docs.apiary.io/#introduction/getting-started/parameter-types 


Would be great to share your experiences and real world use cases with this API connection. 




8 - Asteroid
8 - Asteroid

Thanks Rod. I actually had a look at this before and it will link you to a side where you can request a demo and the connector is not for free.


I was able to use the API documentation from ANAPLAN to create a connect to do some basic API calls.


Still working on it to do it a bit more :-).


Thanks again.





5 - Atom

Hi. I am also needing to make an API connection with Anaplan and wondered if you could share what you have done?





6 - Meteoroid

@PeterF- Thanks for sharing. While I have limited experience with Anaplan,  I have a net new team interested in Alteryx who uses Anaplan consistently as a data source.


Is there any chance you can summarize some of the API calls you had set up? Also, did you find the manual setup easy to configure or a challenge?  Is there any chance you could share some basics (i.e. data type selected when setting up the API)?


Since we have such a small set of users that would need to connect to Anaplan, a paid-for connector (ProKarma) may not be an option.


Thank you!

11 - Bolide

Hey @RodLight !

The link you provided goes to a Salesforce sign in page.

Could you refresh the link when you have a chance?