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Analytics Gallery Tools - Updating Versions


When updating versions, what needs to happen to get tools downloaded from the Analytics Gallery back into the tool palette?


I have the Salesforce tools downloaded but since we updated to 2018.4 they are not in the palette or available to add to the palette in configuration.  Do they need to be reinstalled?


The location of macro directories in your User Settings should persist when you update. If you aren't finding those tools, i suggest you consolidate those macros all in a single directory or group of directories and go to Options-->User Settings -->Edit user settings and choose the macro tab to point Alteryx to that/those directories. If you are looking for older Alteryx made tools you can always right click in empty space next to tools in the category you are looking in and choose "Show Deprecated Tools.:" This will bring up any tools that you may have used in previous versions that have since been replaced by newer tools.