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Analytics App Question

11 - Bolide

Hello --


I am trying to learn how to build an app. I figured I would do something "simple" and just allow a user to decide where to save the output of a file. So, the way my workflow works is that information is written to different tabs. So, when I open the Excel file, there are many tabs that have information in it.


Now, I am trying to let a user define where the file is stored. I actually can get that to work, but when the app finishes running, it asks if I want to open the output files. It seems to repeat each output based on the tab (see below -- called BTR new). 


How do I prevent this from happening or to show only once? The file is written only once -- so it is correct.2017-10-16_10-33-51.jpg




14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

I don't know if there is a way to modify how the output files are listed, since the way Alteryx treats them is as separate outputs despite the fact they share the same base file name... but there is a workaround (or two) that you could use to make it appear to be only one file. See attached!


Option 1: Create a text field that has a hyperlink to the file name that is selected in your app/updated based on app selection, then display only that text field in app results (rather than multiple output results).


Option 2: Create a branch that re-outputs a single tab's results after you have done your initial multiple result output, then change Interface Designer results choices to select only the Output Result that comes from that single output branch.


Hopefully one of those provide an acceptable workaround!