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Analytical app where drop downs have dependent input

7 - Meteor

Dear community,


For a client I am creating a simple analytical app that takes a few CSV files and does some filtering and calculations based on some drop down menus.


The client specifically wants one interface screen with multiple drop downs. In some cases a dropdown changes depending on another dropdown. An example of this could be:
Dropdown 1: Country
Dropdown 2: City
Sadly I can't share the data i have due to confidentiality.

When a different Country is selected, my choices for cities should obviously change, but I can not get this working. I've looked into chained analytical apps, but the client really does not want multiple windows for 1 application. I've also looked into using trees, but this quickly becomes a mess that does not give the desired outcome.


So basically I'm trying to mirror the functionality in the scoring tool, where if you click on "local model" the rest of your options are completely different from when "alteryx promote model" is selected. 


Any ideas or old posts that could help me on my way to get this implemented in an analytical app?

12 - Quasar

Here are a few recent related posts:

...change the drop down tool to use an external source and used a select statement as the external source. Now the drop down tool has no dependency on any other tools.


see comment from DanM on this page:

...create a chained workflow. The first workflow would update an output, which in turn you would use that output to update the Drop Down