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Analytic app

8 - Asteroid

In continuation to my earlier post about using analytic app, I am attaching the workflow that I am trying to build and looking for some help around it. All I am trying to do is connect to Salesforce input and bring in the fields from contact table. Adding a formula tool by creating a new column as REP_CRD and assigning a condition if CRD is null then pick CRD_1 if not CRD. Now user should get a prompt window to enter a CRD value and that should look to see if that value exists in REP_CRD column and return yes or no. It would really be great if someone could provide help with this. Thank you in advance





The output of the validation in the Message tool will only be visible in the console output of the workflow. If you'd like to render this as an output of an analytical app for the user to see, you can do the following


  • Link the Text Box with the filter instead - this will allow the user to filter on the CRD value they are looking for
  • Count the number of records matching the filter using the Count Records tool
  • Use the formula to generate a dynamic response based on the count - positive if the count is greater than 0, and negative if 0
  • Report Text tool will allow you to use this value to build out a dynamic message which will then get rendered by the Render tool for the user

Example workflow attached.








8 - Asteroid

Awesome:)This is what exactly I was looking for and now I can tune this based on my requirements.Thank you so much for the detailed explanation and workflow:) @MichalM