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Analytic app - can't cet dropdown and action tool to work

7 - Meteor

Hi there,


I am quite new at making analytic apps,  and I am trying to figure out how this works by making a small workflow, and playing around. 

What i am trying to achieve is that when I use the filter tool, and connect to the action and dropdown tool, the user should be able to choose country.  However, when I rund the app, I get the message:  There were no oyput files. Maybe I just dont understand how to configure this correctly. 


I have attached the workflow.  


Kind regards



12 - Quasar

Hi @Drole 


You're almost there! From the menu select View, then Interface Designer. The bottom option (denoted by the cog) has a tick box for show results to user, just tick the Browse tool option and it will display the results when ran in a pop up window.