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Analytic App - Default File for File Browse


Currently, I'm working on an analytic app that takes two incoming files (from File Browse) and performs various tools on the data. They are then joined later down the workflow and additional tools are ran (since they affect both in the same way).


I want to be able to also have the ability to run 1 file or both files. If I use the options to collapse a container, the workflow errors because of the later join.


Is there a way to potential set the File Browse to have a default value for a blank file (headers only) so I don't get an error by inputting one of the two files?


My initial thought is to create a checkbox that disables the container for the input tool and enables a container with a hard-coded input tool to the blank data file.


Would this be the best approach? Or is there a cleaner solution?

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@Eric_Davis are you able to use a Union tool instead? This would put the data on top of each other but you wouldn't get any errors. If you are using a join tool at any point, it's always going to expect data from that join.


If you can't use the Union tool instead of the Join, you could add a Union tool just before that Join and outside of the container. Use a Text input tool and create some dummy data and connect it to the Union tool along with the original data, so that the join works, you could then filter out the dummy data after the Join.