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Analytic App Data

6 - Meteoroid

Hey Community!


I have created an app that has no configurations.  I want to save the latest .xlsx data over the old files and run the workflow.  However, when I run it in the gallery the following day, it still pulls the old data.  All the files are saved in our shared drive under the same folder.


Has anyone ever experienced this?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Can I presume that this is working when you run the application locally?  Is it possible that your output is defined with a drive letter (e.g. S:|) instead of using UNC naming (\\MyNetwork\MyFolder)?





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6 - Meteoroid

Hi Mark!


Yes, it works when I run the app.  The output is named the actual network drive without the letter.



6 - Meteoroid



Am I the only person experiencing this issue?  I still don't have a resolution. 😞