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Analytic App Button on Canvas

Would it be possible to have the run analytic app button on the canvas?  I have a chain macro that is designed for no Alteryx users.  I want to make the workflow as user friendly as possible.  I want the button to initiate the app to be directly on the canvas rather than the fixed button at the top of the screen.

Alteryx Certified Partner

@lowellsinghGP - an alternative approach is to not have Alteryx designer open at all.  Put a shortcut on the person's desktop and as long as they have Alteryx installed, they should be able to double click on the shortcut to the yxwz and start up the app from the app gui without ever opening alteryx designer.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Oh, I just realized you wrote chained macro and not chained app.  do you really mean app or do you mean macro?  If macro, Alteryx has to be open and the macro will need to be used in a  workflow.

It is a chained macro.