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Analyse Monitor altryx run time


I have not managed to find anything on this in the forum. However might be that i am searching with the wrong words.


So we have some long and complex data analysis flows which we a reusing to analyse the cleanliness of different data sets. We have a team that are all using and improving these data flows or the set of underlying macros involved.

Naturally the processing time keeps on increasing as we add more checks. I was wondering if there was a way of seeing a breakdown of overall run time by individual tools. Specifically where some tools are hidden in macro's. I know you get the little runtime window whilst the flow is running and the overall run time. However what i am looking for is an output that had details about the runtime for each tool. Perhaps as an alteryx file that could then be analysed.

Does this already exist somewhere?

Does anyone else need this?



Is the tool performance profiling any help?  You select it in the Runtime tab (enable performance profiling).  The results show up in the Results Window at the end of the workflow.  You can go to the Messages in the Results Window and right-click to copy them out and store them.  

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Within your Configuration pane (Runtime), you can select to "Enable Performance Profiling" (pictured below).  At the end of your workflow you will see a sorted list of the tools used and the amount of time used in each tool.  In the example (even further below), you'll see that the majority of time is spent in the SUMMARIZE tool.  As the summarize tool is a "Blocking" tool and because it is the only blocking tool, it is logical that the majority of time spent will be there.  Remember to uncheck this option once you have reviewed the workflow performance.  This feature does slow down (I don't know by how much) the workflow.






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This is perfect. Exactly what i was hoping for.

Thanks both,