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Amazon S3 Download error

Hi guys,

I am new to Alteryx and I am really enjoying my experience so far. 


I am currently having trouble connecting to an S3 bucket. I have the right access and secret key, however I am getting an error when setting the endpoint. I either get "access denied" or "couldn't resolve host name." I am having no issues connecting to this bucket through Python and other means with the same credentials.


Thanks for the assistance.

Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Hi @deanblittle,


Have you seen this related Community Tread: S3 External Buckets? Are you attempting to connect to a subfolder within your S3 bucket? If so, as AlexKo states, the Download Tool does not specifically allow for this functionality, but it is possible it could be achieved my configuring some permissions with your S3 Admin.


If this is not your case, please let me know! We can look into some other causes of this error.