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Altreryx Data won't run in Excel Macro




I have been testing different functions with Alteryx and have noticed that my Alteryx outputs cannot be run in an Excel Macro. More specifically, when I output my data from Alteryx (in .xlsx format) into an Excel workbook, then copy that workbook into another Excel workbook with a Macro in it, the Macro cannot read the Alteryx output. I'm wondering why this is? Is this an Alteryx limitation or is there an issue with the way I output my data?


Thank you!


That sounds weird. I do the same but output directly to xlsm (macro workbook) with the macro already in there. I set the output options to overwrite SHEET (not file) so it doesnt delete the macro and it works for me as normal excel data.


Cant say I have encountered what your describing. Do you get any error message when running the macro. Might be an idea to post screenshot of it if you do might help someone answer if they have seen something before. 


Thanks for your help! I will try outputting my data to an xlsm instead. 

I don't get an error message when I run my macro. The macro seems to run normally, but my finished product is blank.


Were you able to make this work? We are similarly trying to write to macro enabled workbooks, but from what I am reading I may need a legacy driver installed to do that. But because of security issues, I am unable to just download an install one. Hoping there is some other way to write to a macro enabled excel workbook  :(