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Has anyone had any success in Alteryxing Alteryx?  We have Alteryx Server, which is a MongoDB.  What I would like to do is build a workflow that can show me an output of what data connections have been created on the gallery, their names, and what users and studios they have been shared with.  Has anyone done this?  I've spent a while perusing the MongoDB tables and there aren't really primary keys on the tables so its seemingly difficult to join them to get what I need.  



Alteryx Certified Partner

The attached document "Alteryx Gallery MongoDB Schema" might be helpful. It's circa November 2017 so it's possible an newer version is out there somewhere.


In the MongoDB input tool you can check the box that says Include _Id field. That will give you the primary keys for that table.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Whenever I've tried to create reporting off the mongoDB, I have used the alteryx server usage report as a 'help'to get me started, this report is available via

It shows a good amount of detail regards how the tables can be joined together.

@Garrett I've been looking for a schema doc for ages!