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AlteryxGUI.exe exception when processing 400+ fields file


I'm comparing two files with 400+ fields using multiple fields formula.









Trying to the get result like below:




As lots fields involved, I'm editing XML directly. 

The source file is only with 300 records for testing, but I notice the PC become slow ,(from task manager , AlteryxGUI.exe using 9G memory on the 16 Core, 32G work station.) and later start getting below exceptions.


AlteryxGui.exe - Exception

Breakpoint A breakpoint has bean reached.
2019-03-03 10_08_20-Window Breakpoint.png









Alteryx Desinger X64

An out of memory exception happened, the application may not be able e to recover.

Do you wan to exit?

2019-03-03 11_20_49-Window OOM.png












I'm using Alteryx Desinger X64 version 2018.4.4.54346. How can i trouble shoot such issue or any diagnose log etc?


Also i notice the Multiple-Field Formula's message/input/output is showing nothing though there are data flowing.






hi @Yongcan 


While Alteryx can work with large numbers of columns it does start to slow down when you reach ~1000 fields.  A lot of this has to do with the amount of metadata that Alteryx maintains about the datasets.  You might want to consider transposing your data to bring it all into a single column and using a single formula tool.


WF.pngThis has the added benefits of 1. providing the output in field order and 2.  Reducing the complexity of the overall workflow by having a formula tool that acts on a single column as opposed to a very large multi field formula.


I would still open a ticket with Alteryx support, since you shouldn't be getting the error message in the first place 




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@Yongcan ,


I'm in agreement with @danilang .  I would most definitely transpose the data.  I might alter the formula as:


[X] = [Y]

That will provide True or False without the IF statement (make the data type = Bool).  ![SAME] works well for the DIFF field.  I also might use something like:

IsEmpty(X) or IsEmpty(Y)

For the empty comparison.





Alteryx ACE & Top Community Contributor

Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.

Thanks, I believe this is the best practice for such case. I will try this solution later.


1st try, I implemented in urgly way. I was using "Multiple-Field Formula" with all fields name in the formula, that's cause the huge workflow flow file as it store metadata of each fields.


My second solution was use 400+ formula to compare the field. the code is similar and won't cause huge workflow file and get result i want.